Christ At The Center 

Wesleyan Core Term:  Original Righteousness

As the first chapters of Genesis narrate, God created humankind in God’s image and declared it good.  This goodness of creation is often called original righteousness.  Despite God’s promises, Adam and Eve chose to rebel against God, resulting in the fall of humankind and separation from God.   In Deuteronomy 5, Moses delivers the Ten Commandments from God to the people of Israel.  The commandments are an invitation from God to Israel to share in covenant relationship by loving God and neighbor.   Like people of Israel, through relationship with God in Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, all humanity is invited to be restored to original righteousness as God’s good creation. 


Longing for the Garden

A few weeks back, we were reflecting on the core term of Original Sin and the fall of man.  Today we are talking about a core Wesleyan term that I adore… Original Righteousness.   Who hasn’t looked at the face of a newborn baby and not seen goodness, hope, and Imago Dei.  But we parents also know how quickly that precious infant can change into a self-centered, tantrum throwing creature that makes us wonder what on earth happened.   Original Righteousness and Original Sin go hand and hand.   Original Righteousness is the promise that we are each born with God’s perfect image stamped upon us.  And while Original Sin is very much part of every persons life, we are offered salvation and restoration to that Original Righteousness through Jesus Christ.

When I was in my early 20’s, I owned my first home.  This home had a beautiful garden that I loved to work in.  Every evening, I would stop by the nursery to pick up a plant or two and then spend a couple hours in the garden.   I loved my time there.  It was a place where I could pray and sign hymns and just be with God and my thoughts.  At work during the day, I would long to be in my garden. 

Today, I long for a garden.  A life as Adam and Eve knew it, before the fall.  A place where I can dwell the state of Original Righteousness and live into my life in Christ.  Longing for the garden, repentance, salvation and restoration are available to each and everyone of us.  When you think about your faith journey what are you longing for?  What are you pursuing with your heart?

Blessings for the Journey!


Storm the Gates!

Matthew 16:18